Dietary Requirements


Can I purchase gluten wheat and dairy free meals? {Yes}

  • {Except our noodles} Which contain gluten.


  • All meals purchased with rice are free from gluten, wheat and dairy.
  • Yes! Even our crispy marinated chicken is gluten free


Are your meals halal? {Yes}

  • Currently at the moment only the chicken meals are halal but we are working on this.


Which meals are best for children?

  • Yellow chicken and yellow vegan are our mildest curries and most young children enjoy them.


  • Crispy marinated chicken is completely free from spice which is another popular favourite among young children as is our stir-fried noodles which contain spices but no chilli.


Do your meals contain MSG {No}
  • We are proud to say we do not use MSG 


Do you use refined sugars and salts {No}

  • We use pink Himalayan salt, organic agave nectar & organic coconut blossom to season each meal.