About us


My journey through street food which now as I look back seems a lifetime ago !
My story begins in Thailand in 1967 with my mother Niang..
At the tender age of 5 her path to street food began, everyday she would assist her mother in preparing and cooking secret family recipes, to be served at the busy steer food markets in Surin.

By the age of 6 Niang had perfected the families signature dishes using recipes passed down through many generations.
These recipes have now become the heart and soul of our much loved menu which still shines bright to this day.

As a child although across the other side of the world my path began very similarly.
By the age of 10 I had learnt my first signature family recipe and my love for thai food and cooking was strong.

By 13 I would now assist my mother, Niang in running her first UK market in Gloucester.
The response was incredible And every Friday alongside my mother I would serve with pride and with such admiration to my mother. The culinary Queen to myself and many others.

By 2010 now fully trained in all my mothers skills I was ready for my own market !

My first market which I will always hold dear to my heart was a small stall situated in the centre of Bristol at St Nicholas market.
First of all starting of quiet I never lost hope and every week regulars would come back and slowly but surely I built a solid trade.
Now ten years down the line I trade 3 times a week in Bristol and my little sisters have also followed in my footsteps just like our ancestors before us and you can find us at many hotspots throughout Bristol.

I have such respect and pride in my product not only are they special for the age old recipes but the ingredients and the love I put in to them.
Using only the best locally sourced free range meat and veg, quality recipes deserve quality ingredients and I put my all into delivering this.
I have such gratitude to every single one of my customers and each dish I make for you I make with love.

Thanks & Gratitude
Tippy x